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All About Documents Required For Italian Dual Citizenship

Documentation requirements can vary marginally from consulate to consulate, but the following documents should be supplied to support your italian citizenship program:

Birth Certificates in the"Commune' in Italy

You'll need the birth certificate for the Italian born ancestors at the Italian commune where they were born. In the event you are asserting Italian heritage according to a paternal grandparent, you'll require a certification for the two grandparents out of their various communes and for the parents.

In a nutshell, you'll require birth certificates for every generation in direct lineage for you.  To get more information about the italian citizenship requirements, you can visit

italian dual citizenship

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Your Own Personal Civil Records

You'll have to deliver an official birth certificate with your program together with a marriage or birth certificates of your children if appropriate. In case you may be divorced, you'll also require a certified copy of the divorce documents along with an apostille for those files from the Secretary of State.

Death Certificates

If your ancestors are dead, you'll require a certified copy of the right departure certification. Additionally, this record has to be encouraged by an apostille and translated into Italian. In some specific instances death records could be deemed necessary.

Marriage Certificates from Italy

Much like all the birth certificates, you need to receive a marriage certificate that summarizes that your parents, grandparents, fantastic grandparents, or great fantastic grandparents were married in Italy. Whether this union happened in the USA, you'll require a certified copy of the marriage certificate together with an apostille in the applicable Secretary of State.