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Are You on a Diet? – You Still Need to Eat Meat

So many people on a diet tend to think that they can reduce calorie consumption if they don't eat meat. They may be technically true but they are making a mistake. If you don't eat meat, it would be difficult to get zinc and irons. Those two nutrients help you keep your energy level high and have a better performance. You can also buy delcious frozen seafood products from various online sources.

Without meat, you may feel more tired and may not be able to do your job well. When you shop for meat, you need to be a little smart, and here are some tips.

When you shop for beef, you should look for lean cuts such as tenderloin, sirloin, and flank. If pork is your favorite meat, look for fresh, whole canned hams or cured boiled hams, which are very lean. Other lean pork meat includes roast pork, rib chops, pork tenderloin, and Canadian bacon. Canadian bacon tastes great on pizza.

Some lamb meats are lean, and they are roasts, chops, and legs. If you are a chicken lover, you should have white meat rather than dark meat since white one is lower in fat content.

When you shop for meat, some labels say "choice" and others "select". Meat labeled "select" is leaner than meat labeled "choice".

When you shop for turkey, make sure that a label says "ground turkey" or "ground turkey breast". You should stay away from self-basting turkey because fat is injected in it. For chicken meat, you need to search for the one with the lowest fat.