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Benefits Of Using A Hiab Truck For Goods Transportation

Hiab is a truck that was originally built to transport and lift goods. Hiab is used to load and unload containers and other industrial cargo at ports and factories, warehouses, construction sites, and warehouses. This vehicle combines a truck with a hydraulic crane to make it easier to load and unload cargo. The truck's engine powers the crane's hydraulics.

Hiab transport service allows cargo to be moved smoothly from the vehicle to its drop point, without the need to hire an external crane to do the heavy lifting. This makes it easy to transport heavy industrial cargo. The crane's flexible arm can reach places that are otherwise impossible to reach, allowing it to pick up and deliver cargo to any place, regardless of its access.

hiab transport

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What are the advantages of HIAB truck rental?

HIABs are capable of transporting and delivering cargo quickly and can also load and unload on-site without the use of a mobile crane.

These vehicles can move goods from one location to the next securely.

These can be used in a variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, shipping, and energy.

The HIAB truck is a single unit that can be moved easily, unlike traditional cranes. It also performs better on soft surfaces than a mobile crane.

This versatile machine can reach into tight spaces and is easy to use with its loader crane that can rotate at 180° and measure 16.5m long.

HIABs can also be moved more easily than traditional cranes, making them ideal for urban construction sites.