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Choose The Best Safari Valley in Ghana

The safari valley is a great place to visit year-round, but the best time to go is during the dry season (January-March). The weather is hot and sunny, and there is little rain. The wildlife is also more active during this time.

The wet season (April-June) can be rainy, and the animals are more active in the water than they are on dry land. The safari valley also has a different feel; it's more relaxed and less crowded. Where to Stay.

Lomani is the main town and gateway to the safari valley. There are numerous accommodations in and around Lomani, including a recreation center with a pool, restaurant and bar, and a camp. The best place to stay is a private home or lodge.

Activities for Kids. A great activity for kids is horseback riding through the savannahs at sunrise or sunset when you can see animals like kudu seek shade from the heat of the day. 

A good place to learn about conservation is to join an overnight walk with a ranger leading tours through the bush, where you can see animal tracks and hear bird calls. There are some trails in the valley that give you a chance to hike or mountain bike and other hiking trails that lead to waterfalls. You can also choose Ghana safari tour at

You can also do some horse riding, either on your own or with one of the tour operators who offer various types of packages. Another activity is river rafting, which takes you down rivers that run through the park.

This is a great opportunity for children who want to see animals in their natural environment. There are two white water rafting companies in Lomani: Safari Adventures and Green Adventure Tours.