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Daily Therapies For Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most common health issues in the world. Yet most back pain is caused by what we do and do not do on a daily basis. If you suffer back pain, there are things you can do to prevent it, things you can take to relieve it, and therapies you can apply to reduce it. Here are six things you can start almost immediately:

1. Drink Plenty of Water — The most basic and important thing one can do to prevent back pain is to drink plenty of water. If the body is dehydrated, it can heat up (and causing inflammation), blood can become sluggish (reducing movement of fresh oxygen and nutrients), reduce suppleness of muscles (causing tightness and spasms), reduce the fluids in joints and spinal discs (causing nerve irritation and bone rubbing). All of this causes pain.

In order to get back pain relief you can buy various types of denas therapy devices.

2. Adopt a Pain-Free Diet – Food can both cause and prevent inflammation and pain. It is important to both avoid those foods that can lead to inflammation and pain and to consume more of the foods that prevent and reduce it. Foods to avoid include: milk products, hydrogenated oils, nitrates, processed sugars, night shade vegetables, fast foods, caffeine, saturated fats and all processed white foods.

3. Watch Your Posture – Many office workers and drivers suffer low back pain because of poor sitting posture. Our hips include two "sits bones" or points to sit on. When seated on these, the pelvis and spine are held straight and one can sit for hours without pain.

However, many of us slump or slouch when seated, and this causes stress on the spine and strain on the hip, mid-back and shoulder muscles in an effort to keep the head level. Sit straight, and adjust throughout the day, and seated pain can be avoided.