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Face Masks – All You Need to Know

Masks have been used in many cultures and civilizations from a long time ago to hide or protect human faces. This is an extraordinary object, made by imaginative members of traditional civilization. The tradition of mask dates back to the beginning of the 6th century. It is used throughout the world. People from Alaska culture use masks along with drums, dancing and telling stories. They are used on many ceremonial opportunities.

However, after the influx of Christianity in the late 19th century, masked dancing was suppressed and today it is not practiced as it was before in the Alaskan villages. The general raw material used for masks is clay, cloth, corn, feathers, fiber, fur, grass, horns, leather, metal, paper, shells, stone paper, and wood.

It ranges from simple masks to complicated carvings, and from wood polished into mosaics and striking jewelry. There are currently protective masks such as safety gas masks , catcher masks in baseball games and welder masks to protect from intense light welding machines.

Masks are also used in Japan and Mexico. Spicy and funny Mexican mask. In Puerto Rico, there is a vejigante mask. This mask shows a combination of African, Spanish and Caribbean culture. Vejigante is an imaginary character full of energy and color.

In ancient times people used design masks. This mask is generally in the form of animals or others. These include ceremony masks, festivals mask and theater masks. There are luxury clothing masks, horror masks that range from acidic faces to zombies, pop star masks such as Michael Jackson and Madonna masks and political masks for political faces.