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Get the Solar Pool Covers

If you don't have a pool heater, the solar pool cover is the next best thing. The pool cover is ideal for the environment because it saves heat and energy by reducing evaporation and heat loss at night.

Did you know that you only use the most effective way to reduce the cost of heating your pool just by covering the pool with a solar pool cover? You can get auto pool covers at

Swimming pool sunlight coverage acts as a vapor barrier for indoor and outdoor swimming pools and drastically reduces heat loss through evaporation.

Outdoor swimming pools get heat from the sun and absorb around 75% to 85% of the sun's energy that hits the surface of the pool. Covers in ponds help trap this heat and reduce heat loss through evaporation.

Indoor swimming pools are not as susceptible to seasonal influences as outdoor pools, but lose the same amount of energy through evaporation. Indoor swimming pool produces a lot of humidity in the surrounding air. Therefore the presence of evaporation is very clear. Adequate ventilation must be installed to reduce humidity in the indoor swimming pool.

A standard pool cover is a blimp cover. The bubble thermal lid is very light and is designed to float on the surface of a pond. They are usually only used in spring and autumn when the air temperature and pool temperature are very different.