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How to Create a Perfect Package Design for Your Brand?

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The box or carton that contains a product says a lot about it and the company behind it. So, if you are planning to launch a new product or redesign your existing packing line-up, you should follow the right process to do it. Here’s a stepwise guide that will assist you in creating the best package for your business.

  • Start with the Product: If it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have thought of creating a package in the first place. Thus, the box should be designed in a way to comfortably fit the product inside while avoiding any wear and tear during its storage and transportation.
  • Take a Glance at the Competition: That’s a good place to start gathering some ideas. As brand contenders are there in every industry, they will have some amazing packages considering they have maintained a good position in the market. So, look out for those selling similar products and the key features of the packaging they are using. Then, you can create your own designs without copying them but using the best approach.
  • Consider the Buyer: Since the end goal is attracting customers’ eyes and making the products sell quickly, you should think as they would. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see what packages entice them the most.
  • Labels and Special Requirements: If there’s some specific instruction or label required, try to make it a part of the design. This will make the package look cohesive without disturbing the overall look and feel. Also, check for any product-specific requirements about materials and shapes before getting a design printed from a commercial printer in Brisbane.