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Impact of Communication Technology on Healthcare Systems

The explosion of technology and the information revolution has had a major impact on our healthcare system for the better. Not only at the level of disease treatment but also the fact that more people are already in the health network, guide or consult patients in the presence of technology that is getting better and better. 

While recently people had to be physically available to see a doctor, information and communication technology meanwhile has made remote patient advice and telemedicine a part of everyday life. Time and distance barriers are getting smaller and that means more patients have access to high-quality healthcare.

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Communication technology also greatly enhances the patient experience; in addition to increasing hospital response times. Response time is very important in an emergency, it is less likely that someone in trouble will have any desire (or happiness) when they have to wait indefinitely. The role of technology is not only limited to reducing response times but also improving overall patient care.

Here are some ways that better communication and technology can improve the patient experience:

  • Provide call handlers full patient information so they can better respond or give advice.
  • Send or receive multimedia files so that patients can easily send examination reports, etc.
  • Call diverts or remote call devices so that the same advisor is available to patients regardless of location.
  • Advances in communication have broadened the horizons of consumer expectations as it is imperative for healthcare providers to take advantage of this technology to better serve their patients.