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Improving Your Business Efficiency and Security With RFID Solutions

RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification", which uses a small electrical device to track objects. This device consists of a small chip and antenna and has the same function as the magnetic stripe on a credit card or barcode, which is often found on product packaging. RIFD tags solutions help companies track inventory and vehicles, control access, and check shipments.

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This is how RFID solutions work

Small RFID chips are integrated into devices such as labels, cards and tags. To extract identification information from this chip, the RFID device is scanned by a compatible reader. For example, RFID chips can be integrated into ID cards that guide employees through readers to gain access to the workplace.

RFID tags can be affixed to vehicles such as cars, trucks, and trains. A moving car equipped with an RFID tag will activate the gate arm when the vehicle approaches the area, raising the arm to allow the vehicle to enter the property. Readers can have a long range so users can track equipped trucks and trains from great distances. Labels can even be combined with Global Positioning System technology to map vehicles and equipment in real time.

RFID is becoming more common as devices have recently become small and inexpensive enough to be considered a single-use product. This means that RFID must be feasible for all types and sizes of companies.