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Learn More About Buffalo Turf

Many homeowners and businesses choose native Buffalo Turf as their terrain cover because it is the only grass that meets their need for a lush, green lawn in dry areas. It can withstand droughts and high temperatures

Buffalo grass is ideal for hot and dry lawns. Buffalo Grass got its name from the buffalo herds that grazed on the grass in the Great Plains, Montana, and Mexico. For your lawn, you can also purchase affordable buffalo turf via

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Buffalo Grass, a delicate and attractive grass that can grow in areas with low humidity, is a good choice. It can be colored from green to cyan but may become yellow in the winter when it is snowy and cold. 

The robust perennial Buffalo Turf will return to its lush green surface color once the snow is gone. It is possible to still have a fantastic turf even in the harsh winters of the Northern States.

The Buffalo Turf is well-suited for both the clay soil and the stony limestone. 

This grass needs about one inch of water per week to maintain its extraordinary green pigmentation. However, it can tolerate a lower amount of hydration. The grass needs to be trimmed and mowed regularly in order to maintain its uniform appearance. 

Buffalo Grass can be used on properties that are too large for regular mowing. It only reaches a maximum height of 10 inches when left in its natural state.