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A Brief About ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension

It is a Paragraph Comprehension subtest consisting of fifteen ASVAB questions that have the total duration of just 13 minutes, which equates to approximately 51 seconds per question. There are four kinds of questions as well as the topic will often be inaccessible by design.

Be prepared to answer the below ASVAB type of questions:

  1. The Main Concept

  2. Information

  3. Inference

  4. Vocabulary and its context

The passages may be long or short, and more than one question can usually be asked in one passage. Even those who are fast readers must use a method to maximize the chances of success on taking the Paragraph Comprehension subtest. If you want to clear the section of paragraph comprehension asvab, visit

 paragraph comprehension asvab

The right answer to an answer to a detailed question is often a rephrase of something that you read inside the source. You are able to eliminate a handful of responses because they are in contradiction or are extreme.

If, after reading the question in the first place, you realize that you are able to infer a question, it is an indication that you should take your time reading the passage. 

It is important to rely on the information contained in the passage, not on what you believe you know about the subject or what you think you know about it as an individual. The answer is in the passage, but not always in sight. Keep your eyes on the facts and the information explicitly implied in the text.