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Simple Ways of Keeping Your Drains Free From Blockage

Clogged drains can be frustrating and impractical for any setup. Blocked channels cut everything and you have to work hard to be as efficient as ever. In fact, blockages can lead to expensive, but avoidable repairs.

The fact that you may not be the only person in the household using the sink, shower, and other amenities makes it difficult to control what happens when other people use them. You can also hire experts for toilet unblocking in Dublin.

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However, there is always something you can do to protect floor drains, toilets and sinks without clogging them.

1. Make sure the filter is always tight

The filter above the drain is designed to allow water to flow out without the presence of any invasive material that could cause clogging. Make sure the filter is high quality and tight so it doesn't slide and other material can get in.

2. Make sure you clean your filter

Apart from making sure it's always there, clean up any solid particles around your filter after use. If solids remain in the filter, they will most likely be carried down the drain, causing a blockage. Remove by hand when using the sink or cleaning floor drain.

3. Keep oil, grease, and hair out of your drain

Grease and grease are common materials used to clog sinks. Rather than forcing it to drain, it's better to have a can near the sink where you can store oil and grease for proper disposal. The buildup of oil in the pipes eventually causes a blockage, which prevents the smooth flow of water.