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Know About Marijuana Clone Maintenance

The plastic cover must be free of cracks or distortion as the clones can dry out and die overnight, especially if the clone is of low stress. However, some tribes are more sensitive to poor coverage than others.

Some factories create fog several times a day. This can give better results. Sometimes the lid retains a lot of moisture; sometimes moisture can easily leak under the cover.

Roots can grow from the bottom and walls of the cube in 1 to 4 weeks. The length of time varies from load to load. You can also choose San Bernardino clones for sale at

It is a good idea to add a little plain water to the cubes or mix regularly, especially if the media looks a little dry. Excess is wrong and does not help.

Excessive watering slows down the rooting process and can also cause stem rot. Overwater clones that do this are often weak and may not produce vigorous plants.

Some growers do not mist at all, leave the cuttings completely exposed to the air and still get a decent yield while believing that only the strong will survive.

However, this method causes the roots to consume a lot of water. Hence, frequent root watering is required when wetting the roots using this method or storing roots in a shallow water / nutrient solution. Roots have less air at constant saturation with liquid.

 If the rooting medium is in a liquid solution all the time, the cuttings will take root slowly and the cuttings develop a thinner root tissue that leaves the plant for productivity.