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Root Canal Therapy: What It Is, How To Deal With It, And What To Look Out For?

Root canal therapy is a specialized type of dental surgery that removes the diseased pulp or nerve of a tooth and replaces it with a filling. This can be done in two ways: endo-dontically, when there is room for the surgeon to enter via the natural root canal system, or periodontally when there is no space to enter through the natural root canal system.

With this treatment, your dentist will place small tubes on either side of the tooth's roots and use suction to suck out any residual infected tissue. If you want to know in detail you can navigate this link to know about the procedures. 

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What to Expect and What To Do

If you are experiencing a toothache or an infection in your teeth, it is time to see a dentist. A root canal is a treatment that can be done to fix the problem. Here's what you can expect during and after a root canal:

What to Expect before the Root Canal Treatment:

If you have any pain in your teeth or gums, make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. The sooner you get the root canal treatment, the less pain you will experience. 

What to Expect During the Root Canal Treatment:

The dentist will clean the area around the tooth that needs to be treated and remove any debris. They will then place an anesthetic on your tooth and use a drill to create a hole in the tooth’s surface.


If you think you might need a root canal, be sure to speak with your dentist about your options so that they can help you decide which type of treatment is best for you.