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Things You Should Know About Therapeutic Dry Needling in Fairfield

Dry needling is a great option for muscular problems that don't involve trigger point or rotator-cuff injury. The needle causes a small lesion in the tissue to promote blood flow and healing. If you want to avail dry needling therapy in Fairfield visit

dry needling therapy

Following are the main benefits of dry needling:

  • Dry needling can reduce soreness and pain.

If you are comfortable with using thin, sterilized needles that do not cause much pain (if any), you may consider this therapy technique. A physical therapist who is trained in this technique uses a thin needle. This helps to loosen muscle tension, reduce tendonitis, inflammation, and promote healing.

  • Relieves  chronic muscle tightness

It triggers a trigger in skeletal muscles. It might be called a knot and can cause pain in other areas than the one it is located in. Myofascial pain syndrome is another name for a trigger spot. Trigger points are a tightened band of skeletal muscles within a larger muscle group. They can cause tenderness and pain in other parts of the body.

Your therapist may use dry needling as part of a larger treatment program to relieve pain and improve movement. Dry needling can help reduce muscle tension and pain. The trigger point can cause a twitch, which may indicate that the therapy has been effective.