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Men’s Fashion Trends 2020 – Style Forecasts In The Year Ahead

We glimpse forecasts and fashion trends that fashion experts call safe hits for the coming year in men's fashion.

When it comes to predictions, it's always safe to make mistakes carefully, but here are some good bets that have been made from last year's trends and what people like and hate.

We talk about the basics of fashion, outerwear, shoes, jeans, and men's sweaters – don't forget to follow all the big international names that are popular in your country on Instagram. To know more about men’s fashion trends you can visit

Fashion trends for men 2020

In spring and summer, printed short-sleeved shirts seem to be a staple again this year. Pair with casual jeans, chino pants or knee-length shorts and you're ready to meet.

Bright colors this year can be different from last year and avoid anything big – except those pants that can only eliminate them!

Shoe trends

Boots, fine shoe lines, simple toes, and classic sneakers of course. This is a safe bet this year. Avoid sharp lines and corners on your athletic shoes this year and choose round and smooth lines without overdoing it.

Boots and shoelaces that look good can be seen in men's fashion trends this year, and classic sneakers are ready to continue their strong steps.

Trends in sweaters

Well, last year the V-neck became something special again, so the previous year could be the same at least until autumn. Think about the v-neck, but with enough smoothness.

Saying goodbye with a shirt or suit is the safest, on your bare skin or with a leather jacket it's a bit risky, but it can be worth the risk.