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How to Inspect Lifting Slings For Safety

As we all know, inspecting lifting slings can be very confusing because you know exactly what is needed to remove the slings. First of all, you need to get someone certified in lifting slings training who will have the final say when the slings need to be removed from service.

The lift should be checked each time the catapult is used. A quick check of the above items is usually appropriate, but the lifting chain slings requires regular thorough checks while in use.

Preliminary checks must be carried out before the extractor is run. This test must be carried out by trained and certified personnel to ensure that the correct type, size and length of lift are used for the load. Defects should also be checked at this point.

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The person handling the sling should carry out frequent checks after each use.

If the lifting sling has broken or is damaged in such a way that this thread is visible, the lifting sling must be removed immediately, as the piece has entered the load-bearing thread. In other words, the power of the slings was affected dramatically.

Damaged slings should not be repaired, but properly disposed of. If the metal loop fittings still look good, but the tape is damaged, you can cut the fittings from the tape and send them to the manufacturer to be sewn back with new tape.

Written documentation of repeated tests should be kept at all times. During each inspection, documentation should record the identification, description and condition of the lift. Always remember: "When in doubt, take it out of service."