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Scoliosis Treatment In Singapore Shows Promising Results Without Bracing Or Surgery

Prevention is always better than cure. However, preventing diseases such as idiopathic scoliosis without a known cause is difficult. Even if the cause is known, such as congenital scoliosis, more research is needed to prevent it from occurring, so treatment for scoliosis is very important.

Scoliosis, which is characterized by an abnormal curvature of the spine, is confirmed by X-ray examination. The doctor then decides on treatment based on the patient's age, gender, and health, as well as the severity and location of the curvature. 

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Curvatures greater than 25 to 30 degrees are considered significant, while curvatures greater than 45 to 50 degrees are considered severe.

Doctors in several countries use serial corrective casts to treat pediatric scoliosis, and patients have benefited from it. The results of some researchers show that exercise, muscle manipulation, medication, or meditation only relieve pain or discomfort and do not improve curves.

However, some patients claim to benefit from non-surgical procedures such as yoga or exercise and diet. Thus, this non-surgical procedure not only prevents the curvature from growing but also corrects it.

In general, doctors use observation, braces, or surgery to treat scoliosis. In cases where the curve is mild and the patient is mature, observation is the best treatment option. The curvature of the spine tends to increase during adolescence.