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How To Choose Wardrobe Hangers

Deciding which hangers will work best in your closet can be harder than you think! There are so many styles to choose from and every style of having your own types and features.

Each type of hanger designed with certain goals in mind, makes it more difficult to decide which is the best. You can buy the best quality wardrobe hangers to organize your closet.

Coats and suits need to be hung correctly to maintain the shape. The shoulder of this type of garment is often made with unique materials that can bend and lose shape from time to time. Wider shoulders and curved design of suits and coat hangers give this garment the support they need to stay in shape. 

Many wooden hangers are made this way, as well as cedar hangers and specialty suit hangers. Even if you're looking to save room in your closet, you should at least hang coats and suits on these larger hangers. 

It's better to use a little more space for them and then use space saving hangers for your shirts and pants that can be kept in a more compact space. Z-Hangers are perfect for delicates because they allow you to slide the shoulders of shirts around the neck, avoiding stretching and pulling.