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What You Need To Know About Stone Floor Restoration

A stone floor restoration is a process of restoring the original beauty and functionality of a stone floor. The goal is to return the floor to its original appearance and condition, eliminating any damage that may have occurred. 

Types of stone floor restoration

There are three main types of stone floor restoration: mechanical, chemical, and enzymatic. 

Mechanical restoration entails the use of a vacuum cleaner and pressure washer to clean and remove buildup, dust, and dirt. 

Chemical restoration uses a variety of chemicals to break down the buildup, loosen the dirt, and remove it.

Enzymatic restoration uses an enzyme to digest the mineral content in the stone and break down the build-up.

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Methods of stone floor restoration

There are many ways to restore a stone floor, but the most important step is to evaluate the damage. If you can identify the type of damage, you can choose the best method for restoring it.

1. Cleaning: Cleaning is the most important step in stone floor restoration because dirty surfaces promote decay and moss growth. 

2. Moss Removal: If moss is growing on the floor, you will need to remove it before restoring it. Moss grows quickly and forms a thick layer on top of old stains. 

3. Bonding: If there are areas of the floor that have been damaged or where Moss has grown, you may need to use bonding agents.