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Tips For Cleaning Concrete Floors

Cat litter is an excellent basic step to pressure cleaning your garage floor. Spread the sheet to absorb the remaining oil and grease on the surface.

Make sure you close the doors to prevent leaves and other types of wind debris from building up in your garage during the cleaning process. You can also hire concrete cleaning company in Joplin.

Use a stiff broom to spread cat litter. Always work from the back of the garage to the front. Use jets of water to wash floors. Heavy stains can be removed with your stiff broom.

When surface dirt is removed, use a commercially available heavy duty floor cleaner with a sponge. Apply pressure to the contaminated area.

Make sure you rinse with warm, clean water to remove any traces of commercially available detergents. Dry the surface well.

If there are certain types of stains, an extensive and specific concrete cleaning procedure must be carried out to remove them.

Rust stain should be removed with water and oxalic acid in a bright place. Use warm water and sodium citrate for severe rust stains.

Oil staining under pressure can be done by the above procedure. Oil stains must be removed by scraping the oil first and then wiping the stain with powder detergent.

Cleaning the concrete should be done thoroughly, especially when using commercially available cleaners and high pressure cleaners. However, with some careful measures and effective procedures, cleaning concrete floors is not a difficult task.