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Want Affordable Print Rates? Know How to Get Them

Redland Bay printers

Do you get fixed rates for printing several items from printers? Do you know you can ask them for lower quotes by modifying certain factors like finished sizes, embellishments, laminates, covers, and page sizes? This article is a quick guide on how to do that to reduce your expenses on printing needs for your business.

  • Page Count: For page count, there’s a thumb rule that states that you should choose a number divisible by 8. It could be 8, 16, or 32 pages or higher. Planning for a well-organized use of labour, equipment, and paper can reflect positively on the final price of printing.
  • Laminates and embellishments: Do you think adding more content will make you stand out? This can be true but not in all cases. You may find highly accessorized print jobs looking less impressive than some clever designs on plain papers.
  • Covers – Self vs Heavy: When you go for a self-cover print, the entire print involves a single paper stock. However, a heavy cover adds to the cost as the material needs to be printed separately.
  • Selecting the Supplier: Even if cost isn’t a concern, it is an essential factor. With printers having different skills and equipment, you need to find the one that generates work efficiently at a lower cost. For this, you should check for samples, talk to the printers, and do your research.

You should also take into account your requirements for print and design times. Saving a few bucks on a print job that doesn’t deliver on time can impact your business, leading to a bigger loss. So, finding professional printers from Redland Bay becomes essential.