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What Is Paint Correction And Do You Need It?

Your car faces many environmental problems every day, from bad weather and bird droppings to industrial debris. And in general, just everyday wear. Despite your best efforts, in the end your car doesn't help and looks a little scratched.

But wait! There is still hope for your car before you call a service center to schedule a body painting appointment. This is called "color correction". To get more details about car paint correction thousand oaks  you may check the contact us page on the website. 

car paint correction thousand oaks

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What does paint correction do to your car?

Paint correction in general is exactly what it looks like: correcting the paint on your car's bodywork. The paint correction process aims to reduce or completely eliminate imperfections on the surface of your car. The diagram below shows what imperfections can be seen through a cross-section of your car's body.

Before correcting color

Paint correction smoothes or "cuts" scratches in the body paint layer. This means the body paint layer loses thickness. Color correction achieved through various techniques, tools and products should be left to professional detail as it is calculated with precision.

The importance of color correction

Paint correction is an important step in maintaining the shine and smoothness of your car, as scratches or micro-dirt on the body paint layer can cause the imperfections you see on your car. Defects that can appear include swirl stains or cobwebs caused by improper washing and drying.