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White Card Course Information

Industrial accidents and hazards on construction sites are such a serious problem that all Australian states and territories have adopted new national standards based on introductory courses for white construction cards and passed legislation that everyone working on construction sites must carry. Construction entry card or performance statement from a registered training company. 

If you don't have an introduction card with you, it will be removed from the website until you can show it, and if you haven't completed an accredited course, you could be fined significantly. You can discover the best white card courses through

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White cards are only issued upon completion of an accredited workplace health and safety (OH&S) course, which teaches how workplace hazards can be avoided and managed. 

The White Card course (known as CPCCOHS1001A – Working Safely in the Construction Industry) lasts approximately 6 hours and can be done in person or online. In the course, you will learn how to avoid hazards, work on a construction site and what to do in the event of an accident. 

National standards, based on OH&S, accredited introductory courses for white cards, replacing national courses with green, red and blue cards. Some of these issued cards are still recognized, but much work has introduced a higher standard than required by law and only recognizes new white cards.

This course covers a large number of individual topics. After completing the course, you must take an exam. The question is self-explanatory and in most cases requires only common sense to answer.

Before you can be issued a white card, you must meet the Proof of Identity (EOI) requirements. Australian law requires you to provide 100 identification points.