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What’s the CAT-ASVAB Concerning and in What Ways Do I Prepare for It?

A large number of potential soldiers use CAT-ASVAB. This type of computer adaptation assessment is a computerized test management system that displays questions and results as well as logs answers, evaluates ASVAB subtests, calculates your AFQT, and allows different start times and independent response rates. 

You can view the army ASVAB test online at to prepare for the exam. The checks are carried out at military immigration processing stations or M.E.P.S. It is only used for military purposes and never for any purpose other than official military applications.

Computerized adaptive testing shows that choosing the most appropriate answer will make subsequent questions more difficult. If the answer is wrong, the question will likely be easier. 

The paper version of the exam gives soldiers an idea of the likelihood that the recruits will get an adequate score from ASVAB. Was the idea behind this initial test costing money and time to get a staff member to the MEP, who he thought these people would do so badly about?

CAT can take an hour and a half. This test has relevant subtests just like the MET ASVAB website, except CAT has only 10 subtests as Auto Shop Subtest is broken down into two subtests – Auto Information along with Business Information. 

Subtests are displayed in the default order. Oftentimes, the test used to calculate the AFQT score is given first and then followed by another sub-test.

How to get out of the friend zone with a someone that you like

There are several ways to help you walk the friend zone lines but it is important that you understand the ramifications and consequences of such a maneuver so you will fully understand this topic. Seducing a friend is a risky business because the lines are easily crossed and can create a completely unexpected outcome.

get into the friend zone

What most men do not realize is the fact that friendship in the proper setting can be red hot flirting material. The friend zone is a difficult place to be and can create difficult scenarios. Friendship is one of the strongest forces that attract positive women anywhere. This is why building upon a strong friendship is essential to success.

3 Simple tips to get into the friend zone:

Here are some simple tips that can help you to get into the friend zone:

  • Be confident

It has been proven through research that women are attracted to confident men. The problem is that a self-assured man is only attractive to hot women. On the other hand, a shy guy gets ordinarily women. There is a dissimilarity between men who are average in their demeanor and those who are overconfident. Also, if you are not confident, you will need to fake it until you make it. It takes a lot of practice to effectively fight shyness. Building friendships is one of the best ways to reduce the confidence level.

  • Setting High Standards

When you have pursued the above steps, at some point you will come to a turning point. You need to set high expectations when you have been friends with someone  long enough. At some point, you as a friend may have to meet your special friend and make it work. Sadly many relationships fail because people dislike each other so much that they settle for being friends which is average. It's sad to see people settle for something that is average.

  •  Avoiding Loneliness

you can't maintain long-term relationships with just friends or people who you have just met. You need to have a partner and a romantic life. If you're losing your love life then you ought to take some precautions. I would advise doing something adventurous as well as consistently looking for a better person to date or have a romantic relationship with.

Keep all these three tips in mind and apply them as much as possible. You might not get hot flirting or dating partner for the first time but you will get there nevertheless. I wish you all the best with your endeavors. Have fun!


Learning From Hypnobirthing Audiobooks

Hypnobirthing has nothing to do with hypnosis. There is no oscillator to watch it sway before dropping asleep. There are no out-of-body activities or safe words to bring you back to actuality. No one will ask you to make cluck like a chicken.

Instead, this technique is based on the principles of meditation to make it easier for the -to-be to rest so that the body can relax completely during labor and childbirth. 

The Mongon method and some of its independent recordings are helpful – but all in almost the same direction: women listen to hypnobirthing audiobooks during pregnancy and labor that offer encouragement and mantras so they can be repeated to relax their bodies in natural labor without pain medication.

hypnobirthing audiobook

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Hypnobirthing audiobook was developed to educate pregnant women who are interested in effective and comprehensive relief of labor pain, hypnosis methods, and techniques, as well as to prove its validity through research and real-life cases. Likewise, partners and parents in the mother support network will find this audiobook invaluable in assisting the process.

HypnoBirthing has gained momentum around the world as a positive and empowering method of delivery. Therefore: HypnoBirthing helps women to strengthen themselves by developing awareness of the instinctive ability to give birth to their bodies.

This significantly reduces pain during childbirth and childbirth. Often eliminates the need for medication; reduces the need for cesarean section or other medically controlled delivery intervention.

Nigerian Universities: An Overview of Admission Requirements

If you would like to study at a Nigerian University, then you want to meet quite a variety of different admission requirements. For a lot of people, the path is through the Faculties Matriculations Examination. 

This can be a method that's administered by both the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board. To know more about university admissions in Nigeria you can visit at

university admissions in Nigeria

Every year entry seekers choose different forms, get registered, and write the examinations, April or May is the entry year. The results are released by July or August and by October/November start to admit students into the respective degree programs.

Apart from success in this exam, applicants for admission have to write and pass on the Post University Matriculation Examination (Post UME). The universities organize it by themselves and candidates have to score at least 50% out of 100%.

The age of candidates for university admission must be 16 yrs. These are the basic requirements for individuals who need to get into the first year of the standard level program in universities.

Apart from it, candidates can get admission via Direct Entry. No entry examination required for this option. The candidate can fill admission forms and submits the form to the university of her or his choice. People that have been admitted into the Direct Entry spend just 3 years for the typical four-year course. The requirement for Direct Entry entry include the following:

1. The candidate may have the ordinary National Diploma (OND) from a recognized Polytechnic in a related course.

2. The candidate might possess three credits in the GCE A Levels. The three credits will have to be in courses that are related.

Besides the requirements above, candidates seeking direct admission also need to meet the O'Level requirements. These generally include five or more credits in related areas including Maths and English Language.