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Balancing Career And Motherhood

The idea that women should only be housewives has been radically and continually changed over time. Indeed, one can bet that it's not an issue that women are creating their mark on the world. In addition, mothers who have succeeded in their professions as they take care of their children are climbing the ranks. You can find more information about all you need to know about women empowerment.

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Many working moms, also known as "WoMoms," feel like they are faced with a dilemma: should they work, or take on the role of full-time moms? This is a challenging situation which means that many women do not have the choice of making an informed decision.

Common Problems & Challenges faced by WoMoms

Working moms have lots to attend to. Below is a small glimpse of the problems faced by women who work:

Care for the children

The current setup of work-on-site as well as at home or hybrid has further highlighted the challenges faced by WoMoms trying to look after their children. 

Corporate moms who have to work in an office have the same issue as before the pandemic struck and find an individual to care for their children while they're away, be it a nanny or grandparent. 

Employment discrimination

WoMoms are among the women who still face discrimination at work. According to a recent study of women, how they are perceived or treated by other people is the main obstacle to their advancement at work.