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Learn About The Superman Comics

Superman, a super hero of the planet Krypton, is Superman. His parents discovered that their planet was about to be destroyed. Superman, or Kel-el as he was also called, was a newborn and didn't know what was happening. Jor-el, Superman’s father, decided it was best to send their child aboard a spaceship and take him away from the planet. 

Superman travels through space to land on Earth on Martha Kent's smallville farm. They witness the spaceship crash and decide to investigate. They open the spaceship door to find a baby. They decide to keep Clark Kent, and rename him Clark Kent. You can also ‘buy comic books at Stripweb’ ( also known as ‘stripboeken kopen bij Stripweb’ in Dutch language).

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Clark is a child who discovers he has unusual powers and abilities. His parents tell him not to. Clark graduates from school, then discovers the crystal in his spaceship. He learns his true identity, how his powers work and what his name is. Clark realizes that his abilities can be used for good. Clark moves to the city, and gets a new look.

He is offered a job at The Daily Planet, where he meets some new friends. Lois Lane is a reporter whom he saves often from danger. Jimmy Olson is the paper's photographer. Clark spends his time working. But when danger is around, Clark finds a nearby telephone booth and transforms into Superman. 

He is steel-like and can withstand any punch or strike with any object. Superman's heat vision allows him to see a red light coming from his eyes that can melt certain objects. Superman's Super Strength allows him to pick up tons-weighted objects with ease.