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NEC Baby Formula Lawsuits

A law attorney, might be able to help if your infant suffered from necrotizing enterocolitis after being given baby formula in an ICU or hospital. You may be able to sue the Baby Formula manufacturers with the help of NEC Formula Attorneys for causing your infant's NEC.

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NEC is a fatal disease that can affect preterm infants' intestines. This disease is most common in babies who receive formula instead of breastmilk within the first two weeks. Inflammation begins when bacteria infiltrate the intestinal wall.

Necrotizing enterocolitis causes inflammation, which promotes tissue death and destruction in the intestine. Perforations in the bowel can lead to bacteria entering the baby's bloodstream and resulting in more severe consequences.

This could lead to a fracture or gap that allows bacteria to enter the abdomen. If not treated, it can cause serious infection and even death.

NEC is rare, however. NEC affects only one in every 2,000-4,000 births. It can affect any newborn. However, it is more common in babies under 3.25 pounds. High-risk premature babies, or those who receive formula via tube or mouth, maybe at risk.

NEC is the leading cause of death in premature infants who have been hospitalized for over two weeks. NEC is more common in premature infants and those with heart problems. Financial assistance may be available to parents of prematurely-born children with NEC signs.