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Ozone Water Sanitation For Pool Maintenance

Below mentioned steps are for hygiene with the Ozone oxidization:

Health and hygiene risks of the swimming pool:

Having a swimming pool on the roof of your house or in the garden can be a dream you've been cherishing for years. However, maintaining a swimming pool does not mean you can simply install a swimming pool and keep it fresh every day without extra effort. 

The best way to renovate your pool:

New and improved methods for disinfecting naturally green ponds include disinfection using UV filtering, ionization, oxidation (ozone injection), sound waves, plant cleaners, and a brine generator.

UV Filtration:

You can check this procedure via where ultraviolet light is emitted through the water to kill bacteria. However, this method can only kill bacteria as long as the jet is introduced into the pool. And it has no residual effect and stops working as soon as the beam is pulled from the pool.


Ozone is the most powerful oxidizing agent, which is actually a great disinfectant and is so safe that it can even be used as drinking water. However, this will only work if ozone gets into the pool and there is no permanent disinfectant solution available.

Chlorine production in brine:

If this method is used in your pinto pool, it is a good idea to extract chlorine from the electrolysis process of a small amount of saltwater in the pool. 


This process adds copper and silver to the pond to kill bacteria and stop algae growth. And with the infusion of a small amount of this metal, the water molecules turn into ions and that's where the name comes from.