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Parts of a Weed Grinder

All weed grinders have parts in common, although some have more features than others. But in its simplest form, a weed grinder has a lid and grinding chamber, both with “teeth” that shred the bud to an even consistency.

Weed grinder teeth come in a variety of shapes including diamonds, spikes, spearheads, sharks, straight, and more. All are designed to work top to bottom, shredding weed to a consistent size without jamming.

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Other special features of weed grinders are covered in Weed Grinder Special Features. which we will look at including kief chambers, removable screens, quick-lock systems, ergonomic design, magnetic lids, crank handles and more.

How to use a weed grinder

For the absolute beginner- let’s break this down to show how to use an herb grinder. First, take the lid off. Then, wedge the desired amount of nugs into the teeth, breaking down bud, as needed.

Do not overload the grinder as it makes it difficult to twist. Too much bud also gums the works up faster, requiring additional cleanings.

Place the lid onto the base, squeeze pieces together with a twisting motion. The teeth of the weed grinder tear organic material immediately and as you continue to twist, the lid and base will come together completely.

With a few twists back and forth, weed is cut to a uniform size. The best herb grinders are computer designed and precision manufactured for optimal distance between teeth. Combined with the precisely-sized holes in the grinding chamber, buds are chopped to perfect size.