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What Are Bedside Cribs?

Baby bedside cribs are a new trend in baby cribs. They are sleeker, more mobile, and allow for much greater versatility in the placement of your baby. They are a great investment in your baby's development, as it will enable you to move around easily as they get older. These types of cribs are also helpful in the event of a baby accident and provide the same level of safety as a crib with a built in rocker or swing. Keep your baby close by with the assistance of top-of-the-line bedside cribs, cots, and bedside strollers to create safe and comfortable snooze time for all.

Co-sleeping with your baby is a great idea because it is much more comfortable for them and makes for a much easier to sleep at night. There are many cots and bedside cribs on the market that allow you to position your baby in virtually any position, side to side, back to back, or head to toe. They also offer the convenience of a rocker or swing which can greatly assist your baby in getting a good night's sleep. Parents report that co-sleeping has reduced their overall stress levels, has decreased occurrences of SIDS, and the average number of times they had to call their pediatrician during their child's childhood decreased significantly. Co-sleeping has even been proven to reduce your baby's risk of developing allergies and asthma.

Bedside cribs are not only designed with functionality in mind but also provide you with a sleek and attractive piece of furniture. The sleek design makes them much easier to store when not in use and they don't take up much storage space. Most modern cribs offer the traditional trundle system where a small bedside drawer will accommodate the items that are stored in the main bed of the crib. This system is still an excellent choice as it keeps the bottom of the crib clean which will prevent the hair from being caught on the sides and in the corners of the trundle. If you would prefer to keep the trundle open and allow access by pulling out the drawer slide the trundle over to the side and away from your baby.

The standard bedside crib has two basic parts; the bottom mattress which are usually made of a non-skid material called memory foam, and the crib bumpers that fit inside the mattress and can be locked and secured for added safety. One popular choice is a Moses basket bedside crib which sits on top of the mattress and offers storage capabilities as well. These come in either a metal or wooden frame and can be purchased with matching Moses baskets. A Moses basket is a good choice for many families as it can double as a changing mat or even a place for your baby to sit and read while you read.

There are other styles of bedside cribs as well. Some feature adjustable shelves, and other features like changing table pads or a slide out bed for newborns. These innovative designs have made them one of the most popular choices for a new born baby. While they are great and offer all the convenience of a regular bed, they cost less and are certainly less expensive than buying a full size crib. This makes them the best choice for many new parents.

Another option that has become very popular for cribs is the French side sleeper. These designs provide a secure place for a baby to sleep by allowing them to be folded up with their legs under the blanket. The French side sleeper has two pieces, a top that attaches to the side of the crib, and two pieces that fold down into the bottom part of the crib. The entire unit slides out easily from the bottom but can also be secured with snaps and lockable latches.

Co-sleeping options for a new born baby have come along way in recent years. With the rising costs of big brand name cribs, many new parents are opting for a more affordable option. These co-sleepers are much like a regular bed. The difference is the fact that the baby is co-slept with the parent. They still need to have their own beds, but they are placed on top of the bedside cribs so that the baby is sleeping close to mom or dad.

If you plan to keep your baby in bed while you are away, there are co sleeper systems out there that offer Latch & Secures as well. These locks allow you to quickly latch the baby's feet from the bed so they don't get out on top of the sheets. Another great feature is a "S" frame where the head of the baby will always be higher than the feet. This helps prevent the baby's head from being over the bed during the early months of life. It also allows for maximum comfort for your baby so they will grow up with a head/foot placement that is comfortable and proper.