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Steps To Follow In Making Fire Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are likely to cut corners in order to save money against fire insurance claims. Nothing can be more devastating than an accidental fire gutting down your property, and it can be more unfortunate if your insurance company is giving you a tough time in handling the situation. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with ways to file fire insurance petitions.

fire insurance claim

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Following are the steps required in making fire insurance claims:

  • Fire Restoration

The first thing you want when a fire devastates your home is fire restoration. There are companies that specialize in restoration. They will help you get your damaged home or business back to pre-fire condition. Typically, restoration is covered under the insurance policy. When professionals work with an adjuster, you get the best plan to suit your needs against the insurance cover.

  • Avail Fire Insurance As Soon As Possible

It is also important that you file fire insurance claims as soon as possible. Call your agent immediately to begin the process before the agent gets busy with the other claimants. Fill in the complete information needed in the claim including details of the damaged content and a police report. Additionally, take measures to control 'mitigating damage', to meet the company's requirements.

  • Keep Track of your Living Expenses

You must not forget to keep a track of your living expenses, since the company will reimburse you only against the expenses above the living expenses, whether you stay in a hotel or with a friend or relative. 

Meanwhile, keep in touch with the fire restorers not just for their fire restoration services, but also for their valuable aid and assistance. They can help you in understanding your policy better. Additionally, keep the receipts and documentation safe and get the right repair value, keep paying your insurance and do not close insurance claims until you are satisfied.

These are some of the steps you should follow while drafting fire insurance claims. It is better to hire an attorney who is experienced in making insurance claims and can help you legally if the claim gets denied. Fire insurance claims must be filed immediately after the fire accident.