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Secrets to Build a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is a fun way to have greenery all year round by planting plants in pots next to a wall and not on the ground. Space often makes gardening difficult for someone who wants to have fresh vegetables or herbs in an urban area.

In this article, we focus on vertical gardening or green wall. There are few things to consider here.

1. To stay healthy, all plants need water, sunlight, oxygen, nutrition, and good control. In fact, it's easier to maintain these vertical gardening requirements because you don't have typical problems (like washing up nutrition due to heavy rain).

2) Buying or building a vertical garden might be easier than you think. If you want to build an outdoor garden, the fence can provide enough support to start organizing your plants. The south-facing wall gives your plants the most sunlight.

3) If snow and rain make it difficult to grow outdoors all year round, use this as an opportunity to be creative with your garden. You can start with a metal holder for a metal plant in a cylindrical shape to see how you move it to the room divider. As you become safer, you might want to switch from ceiling to floor to view.

4) To prevent the wall from collapsing, use a separate plate to keep the moisture from the wall. Place beautiful plastic or napkins on the board and hang plants or make bags or shelves to hold pots. If you want to hang your plants, place them on various levels from the top of the wall to cover a wider area of the room.