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Dealing With Your Car Mechanic

A trip to the garage can sometimes feel a little intimidating. Many of us are concerned that the jargon we don’t understand and a general lack of know-how around cars might mean we’ll end up getting fleeced… But go about the experience in the right way and there’s no need to worry.

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Here are some tips on making sure that getting your car serviced or repaired is much less hassle.

proper communication: This would test your skills to explain things to others. The simpler and detailed you are, the more it helps the garage person to see what is actually affecting your vehicle.

Be clear: Explaining in detail what you want and any areas of concern you’d like them to investigate can help things run more smoothly.

If you’re talking to a receptionist or customer services representative rather than the mechanic themselves, you might even want to write it all down so nothing gets lost in translation.

Get an estimate (but be ready for a call):

Get the garage to give you an estimate for the planned work so you know what kind of costs you’re looking at. Bear in mind, though, that sometimes they’ll find other things that need doing as they start working on your car.