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Best Salesforce Chrome Extensions

If you have been acquainted with the world of CRM, you will have certainly come in Salesforce and all the superb features at some point in time. As a SaaS-based solution, Salesforce's success in providing unmatched customer experience depends on the level of adaptation has been the browser application that is being used by the user.

In this article, we show the best Chrome extensions Salesforce today and register only expected to grow in the future. If you want to know more about drive adoptionn systems, you can simply click at – drive adoption and keep your team on the same page with every change.

Gmail to Salesforce Extensions

This is a free extension by Salesforce that allows you to work with your Salesforce record directly into your Gmail application with the help of Gmail to Salesforce integration. With this extension, you can work on Salesforce information and assign users to record interactions in Salesforce directly from the Gmail app.

Advanced Salesforce Code Searcher

This is a free tool provided by 3rd party companies that make the lives of developers much easier. This tool allows you to find classes Apex, Apex triggers, lightning components, component VF, and others throughout example you with a faster way.

Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce Inspector is a 3rd party tool that has proven to be super useful for developers and consultants while working in Salesforce because Salesforce allows you to check the data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

Salesforce colored favicons

It is popular chrome extension that helps you to navigate through multiple tabs from Salesforce to Salesforce favicon replace standard with a colored version.