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Get The Right Ceiling Hoist For Your Space

If you are considering purchasing a ceiling hoist for your home or another environment, there are a few things to assess before making a decision.

Firstly, what is your level of ability and how much assistance do you require from your carer? A Luna ceiling hoist may be an option if your carer or yourself are at risk of being harmed in a transferring process. Putting too much strain on yourself or your carer could result in injuries.

A ceiling hoist is a permanent installation in your home or space. 

What is the level of ability for you and your carer?

Begin by looking at your strength and if you can stand up by yourself or not. If you can stand on your own, a standing hoist might be the best option for you. If you require complete hoisting, assess whether you need spine assistance or if you can move your neck and head by yourself.

If your carer is struggling to care for you, it is essential to assess whether a hoist would solve this problem. A ceiling hoist requires less effort when lifting or moving the user and can be fitted to suit your home.

What are your circumstances?

What do you aim to achieve with the hoist? Do you require assistance in a specific situation, such as the bathroom or transfer out of bed? If so a static ceiling hoist might be the best solution. If you are looking for assistance in most areas of your every day, a mobile hoist would be a more suitable option.

Consider your weight and height when choosing a hoist. It is crucial to use equipment that is suitable for your size to remove the risk of falling out or getting injured during transportation.